Wednesday, March 29, 2017

New Review! Crush Me by Stasia Black, 3 Cranky Stars

Crush MeCrush Me by Stasia Black
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

*** 3 Cranky Stars ***

Calliope Cruise hasn't made many wise choices. She was a promising young mind at Stanford in the field of robotics engineering until a dashing professor comes along. Flash forward to almost 3 years later she's struggling. Living with her sister trying to make ends meet. We can only guess how that meeting went with the professor.

Bryce Gentry is the owner of a cutting edge robotics company. He seems charming at first glance but underneath he's a manipulative jerk who plays with people making it seem like they wanted to be treated this way. He hires Calliope simply because she has a nice body among other assets. He does unspeakable things to Calliope and even goes as far as to use her to woo Jackson Vale to collaborate on a new drone. Him and Jackson aren't on stable ground their friendship burned to the ground.

Jackson Vale is the owner of a robotics company as well. Focusing on more civilian and company use. He meets the beautiful Calliope Cruise during a lunch meeting one that didn't sit well with him. He sets out to win Callie over with his gentlemanly ways and a job offer. He also gives Callie fair warning of who the real Bryce Gentry is. He finds himself very drawn to her and get's involved in her personal life. Feelings and hearts are on the line.

I'm all for a good smutty book and this book read like a soft core porn. Some plot and steamy sex yet we get to that pivotal moment toward the end that kind of came out of left field and was rather disturbing. I'm a huge fan of dark books but this didn't sit right with me for some odd reason. Also Gentry needs to work on his terms i mean half the stuff he said was just juvenile and rather cringeworthy. He needs a class on talking dirty. I wish I could say a million nice things. At its core it had a lot of potential especially the story running parallel to the kinky stuff. Yes there is a second book so I heard but I'm thinking i'll end the Callie, Jackson, Gentry train at this stop.

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