Wednesday, March 29, 2017

New Review! Holy Remedy by J.G. Martin, 2 Cranky Stars

Holy RemedyHoly Remedy by J.G. Martins
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

** 2 Cranky Stars **

Set in Hungary in the mid-13th Century, the Magyars are rebuilding their kingdom after the devastation by the Mongol Hordes.

A disease strikes Baron Levente and the chief advisor, Bishop Konrad, declares it's supernatural in origin - a curse.

Knight Rodger Clement is sent to find a cure in the Bukk Mountains. The foster son of Baron Levente, this strikes close to home for Rodger and he will do whatever he can to see his mentor healed.

This is a book to me that needed more work. Some of the writing is clunky, especially the speech tags and the structure of the book takes away a lot of the suspense i.e. you know who the central mystery and who the bad people are because the reader is told. As such, a lot of the tension is lost when the work, overall, would have benefited from it.

There is also head hopping - from one character to the next in the space of the same chapter. This is unnecessary and needs to be eradicated.

If the above were fixed, Holy Remedy has the potential to be a very good that I'd recommend for young adults.

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