Wednesday, April 19, 2017

New Review! Falling Out of Focus by Brynn Myers, 3 Cranky Stars

Falling Out of FocusFalling Out of Focus by Brynn Myers
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

*** 3 Cranky Stars ***

Have you ever wondered what would it be like if Alice had been a full grown woman when she found out she stepped into Wonderland? Well, this would be the answer to that question.

Novaleigh found herself at the bottom of a lake fighting for breath until an internal voice told her to take a breath. Instead of drowning she found herself very much alive and able to swim up to the surface and enter a fantastical world I can only describe as Wonderland.

Sacrife is the land of the fae divided in different lands and kingdoms. Novie meets the twin queens who blessed and gifted her a guide to the land, a talking otter named Oliver. Together, the two of them navigated the land in search of the answers as to why Novaleigh ended up in Sacrife in the first place.

Just like in the childhood fairytale, Sacrife is full of magical beings all of them breath-takingly beautiful and out of this world. And like every story, there would be a villain. But instead of the Red queen of hearts we meet the queen of The White.

As far as comparisons go, that’s about it, for this story is geared towards an adult woman’s internal struggle with life and how she ended up in her current situation. Novaleigh’s journey through Sacrife forced her to look back into her past and question all the decisions she had made. Or didn’t make.

Initially I thought it was a story about self-discovery. A self analysis interwoven into this world full of magic and danger whispering in the fringes of the light and into the darkness. Then I found out it was about forgiveness and second chances.

To be completely honest, the story didn’t grip me. In fact, it took me a few days to finish because it kind of dragged in parts. Yes, there were exciting times and the words were beautifully crafted throughout. But the author took her time revealing the important bits. Then some great reveals were done in narrative instead of rich dialogue which had been a let down for this reviewer. Also at times, world building took precedence over plot progression.

All in all it was an OK read for me.

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