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New Review! Rebel Heart by L.K. Farlow 5 Cranky Stars

Rebel HeartRebel Heart by L.K. Farlow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

AJ and Brock get along like a house on fire. Seriously those two are combustible in all the good ways. She doesn’t budge, and she knows what she wants and goes for it with gusto while Brock is very straight and narrow and acquiesces to the path his father sets him on. What could go wrong?

Abby Jane has ditched high society for the life of a college student. Her mother wants her to be a society wife and have luncheons but with a trust set up by her grandfather she dyes her hair pink and gets tattoos and sets off for a college degree. AJ is very bold and at times combative and a lot of it stems from being ditched by her childhood best friend. He was someone who she thought she’d always have in her life. One day with a “blackmail” from her professor she agrees to tutor a jock to keep him on his team. She doesn’t expect her past to become her present. She enters into this agreement against her better judgement, but she really needs that letter.

Brock is a people pleaser. His path is paved by his father and he doesn’t want to upset the flow. He starts to feel a little restless when his father piles more practices on him and forces a future society wife on him as well. While Brock likes the sport of golf he would love to make it big in the PGA. When he must take a tutoring class, he walks into the library expecting a nerdy guy he doesn’t realize he would be staring at the beautiful Abby Jane. She has always been in the back of his mind and it’s this wild woman who sets him on a path that will truly make him happy.

Sweet puppies in heaven I hated Brocks dad. That man is a sociopath among a million other things. I know jack all about golf. Seriously my only knowledge is Happy Gilmore, Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer who came up with that tasty half lemonade and half tea drink. Brock made golf sexy and that’s words I never thought I’d utter. I love the chemistry between these two. It was explosive in all the right sexy ways.

Stacia as a best friend is one every girl needs. I liked that AJ didn’t take crap. She was true to herself and that’s so important to me. Future society wife Amanda annoyed me to no end. I’m surprised AJ didn’t drown her in a pond on the back green somewhere. I would have. I devoured this book in a day and a half and didn’t want it to end. I am truly a fan of L.K. Farlow

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