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New Review! Young Love by Alyson Santos 5 Cranky Stars

Young LoveYoung Love by Alyson Santos
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

8 hours I was lost in this world
7 the number of times I sighed and rooted for them
6 the number of times I called her mom some unsavory names
5 the number of times my heart broke
4 the number of times I was raging angry
3 the number of times I wanted to really punch her ex (probably more)
2 the number of times I said darn I want to learn Karate
1 day was all it took me to read the story of Sienna and Jace

Sienna is a divorcee whose mother and ex-husband really did a number on her mentally. She forever doubts herself and gives up her art for numbers because numbers don’t lie. Forever told she’s not enough. Not pretty enough, not good enough and her personality just isn’t enough. She maintains the worst friendship ever with Karen (that witch) just to say she has a friend. She’s now 38 and living the safest life possible until Jace enters and rocks her world. The only thing holding her back is the nagging voice in her head and the 15-year age difference between the two. When she finally succumbs, her world is rocked on its foundation and she starts to take risks.

Jace is just trying to get by and shield his baby brother from the wrath that is Louis and from seeing his mother slowly fall into mental insanity. He becomes the target for Louis and earns his place in Aidens life by essentially being a slave for him. He has so many hopes and aspirations and his only outlet is karate and his music but he’s barely treading water. Jace wasn’t looking for anyone especially Sienna but she gives him hope and someone to stand by him despite it all. He doesn’t see the age difference he only sees all the beauty and intelligence that Sienna possesses.

Sweet puppies this book. Once again Alyson Santos takes such heavy topics and gives you hope. Hope that if you keep pushing you’ll end up on the other side a better wiser person. I’m the same age as Sienna and I kind of feel it is an age that can be like purgatory. Too old for one thing but too young for others. Sienna is the kind of woman we need. She gives us hope that we are NEVER too young to achieve something and take a risk. Jace is just everything. I don’t have words for him and seriously that’s a first for me. He’s wise beyond his years and oh so sexy but honest and hardworking. Karen well I spotted her a mile away because I once was in that spot. Holding onto a friendship for the sake of the fact we had been friends forever. Also, can we talk about karate?

I mean Alyson had me wanting to try my hand at it which wouldn’t be wise with my condition but nonetheless I wanted to be a karate chopping kick butt mofo. Ms. Santos in the immortal words of that song from the Karate Kid…..you’re the best around nothings gonna ever keep you down.

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