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New Review! Seven Minutes till Midnight by Sunniva Dee 5 Cranky Stars

Seven Minutes 'til MidnightSeven Minutes 'til Midnight by Sunniva Dee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

Throws self-back on bed and lets out a girly squee worthy of a teen at a boy band concert!! Sigh I didn’t know I needed a Troy story. He was always there but I didn’t think he had much of a story to tell because he was just a nice guy. Then that handsome dreadlocked babe looked into Aishes eyes and thought to himself “They’re my church, the alter where I’d crumble and bow my head so far it’d hit tile to erase my sin.” Pardon me I need a moment…alone.

Troy is the drummer for Clown Irruption. He’s just a genuine guy who comes from a large family. In fact he is one of 7. He makes everyone feel at ease but one thing he has never truly recovered from was the incident known as The Hotel. Then when Aishe rushes back into his life in a swirl of gypsy skirts and bangles into a music video they are filming he thinks this is his chance to atone for his sins. As quick as she arrived she was gone leaving Troy to move on alone. When a very naughty outtake of the video is leaked into the world it sends them both back into each other’s orbit. They must weather the storm or let the symptoms of love fire ruin them once and for all.

Aishe thought she was done with Clown Irruption and Troy. We all know the story of Aishe, Emil and Troy. If you don’t please read that story it’s a game changer. She plans her revenge by doing the music video, but it backfires in a life altering way. Now she is forced to see Troy on the daily and she can’t seem to forgive him for what has transpired. She is angry and sad but deep down she knows this is who her love fire has always been for. She tries at every turn to ignore her gypsy upbringing. When they have a chance to come clean it’s an explosion of skin and love and so much jealousy.

I love Troy Armstrong (I’m going to make a shirt that says that) He calms her insecurities while letting her be her crazy self. They are made for each other and boy does it show. Aishe does have some crazy fits but I think that is just her personality. She’s very bold yet very introverted. She’s a beautiful disaster. Let’s talk Hailey. That is some single white female stuff right there!

I wish I could say all the things I’m thinking but the Amazon gods won’t let me. I was always leary of her just always around. Well she has one heck of a story to tell I learned. I just loved this story and it gave me closure in a way. Troy and Aishe are no longer lurking in the back of my mind going I wonder what happened with these two. It’s fun to see the guys again and I’m glad this story was written. In true Sunniva fashion we see some famous names in this story that links to another authors story. I love those little nuggets like that! Just do yourself a favor and read these books. You’ll thank me or hate me.

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