Tuesday, August 28, 2018

New Review! Road to Freedom (Dogs of Fire MC #8) by Piper Davenport 2 Cranky Stars

Road to Freedom (Dogs of Fire MC, #8)Road to Freedom by Piper Davenport
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

2 Cranky Stars

This had the potential to be a great story, but fell very flat with weak characters and poorly written dialogue. I rolled my eyes so much that I am surprised they didn't stick.

The main female character was weak in mind and spirit, she was selfish and childish. The main male character was so overly possessive that it was borderline scary, he was suffocating and shallow. There is a lot of potential for this story line to be amazing, the overall plot is a good one, with well thought out lines from the main web that all tie in beautifully. The weak conversations, overly possessive and suffocating men, and the weak females make it difficult to continue reading.

A ballerina with a past meets her savior after an attack left her frightened to be alone. He takes her back to his place to recoup and find herself again. He is not only a lawyer, but part of a brotherhood on motorcycles. Him and his brothers track down the one who threatens her life, while they find how deep their feeling for each other go.

One character in the story was a friend of the main female character, she is battling cancer and loses, the author writes about all the people in the story giving blood and testing to see if they can donate bone marrow, this moment was a shinning star in the whole book. I agree with the author when she states, " F@$K Cancer!"

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