Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Blog Tour! Dirty Love Duet by Sade Rena



It all started with the wrong number. I never expected he'd have me calling his name.
New to town and overworked, all she wants is to put herself to sleep, but gets more than she bargains for when she answers a misdialed call. Curiosity takes hold and instead of hanging up, she joins in, enjoying herself way too much. Once satisfied and slightly embarrassed, she ends the call, finding comfort in knowing she’ll never have to hear from him again.
After a long day in the office, he needs a release and is pleasantly surprised when he learns the call to his on again off again fling, is answered by another woman. Intrigued by her boldness and the sensuality of her voice, he rings her line the next day to finish what they started.
This is crazy, right? Of course it is, but against her better judgment, she begins to long for his obsessive nature. An easy choice to make considering they’ve never seen each other and never will. But just as their connections heat up, Jessica learns shocking news that makes this whole affair of dirty calls somewhat forbidden, yet still sexy as hell.

DIRTY CALLS is a steamy BWWM accidental romance novella and is book one in the Dirty Love Duet. This story was previously published in the Obsessive Temptations Collection and now includes bonus content.

All it took was one dirty call.
When he mistakenly dialed that number seven months ago, he had no idea the woman on the other end would change his life. Girlfriends were a figment of his imagination; a few nights of fun were the best he was willing to give. But, now that he’s had her in his arms and in his bed, he’s determined to make her his forever. Even if she’s hell-bent on getting in her own way. 
She shocked herself when she allowed his sexy words to send her over the edge. It was supposed to end there. It should have ended there. But now she’s hooked—with one thing standing between her and happiness... He’s her boss. And even though she said it couldn’t be more, she can’t let go. 
Sneaking around is all fun and games until one—or both—of them start to catch feelings.

DIRTY ENDEAVORS is a steamy BWWM office romance and is book two in the Dirty Love Duet.


Sade Rena is the author of sexy, contemporary multi-cultural romances where the heros are sweet on their ladies, dirty in the sheets, but irresistible all the same. 

She’s a lover of all things creative. When she isn’t drumming up new story ideas, she’s busy crafting or playing around in photoshop. She’s also the creator and organizing of All About The Indies-- a multi-author, multi-genre book signing.


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