Tuesday, March 3, 2020

New Review! Hard to Love (Hard to Love #1) by W. Winters 4 Cranky Stars

Hard to Love (Hard to Love #1)Hard to Love by W. Winters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

This book left me confused. At times I thought maybe the whole book was messed up and I got some strange weird copy. It started as a high school romance then suddenly there is a prequel after chapter four then eighteen months prior and then toward the end it’s eight years later. It skips and hops and I had to reread a few times to just get a grasp on what was going on. I hate starting reviews this way. Like gee thanks Cranky you’re living up to your name. I felt that maybe if we stuck to one thing at a time it might be better not that it was bad. It was a good plot I just didn’t understand the random prequel in the middle.

Laura has experienced death. Her grandmother and her father within a short span of each other. She’s just getting by barely. She meets Seth in high school or, so we are led to believe and he starts to walk her home. He was on some sort of self-imposed mission when it came to her. Slowly but surely, she falls in love with him and Seth falls for her. They start a relationship that is fraught with danger from Seth’s job for the lack of a better word and Laura’s inability to truly trust anyone. Seth is the youngest man in the game having taken over the job from his dad who was gunned down too soon. He loves Laura in his own way I believe but he almost feels possessive over her. Seth and Laura put each other through the wringer in this book and they realize you can’t have safety and love at the same time.

Like I said it was a lot to take in and it was condensed down into this story. I know the next book is also about them. Also suddenly it turned into this S&M book along the way too. Laura went from shy and bashful to whips and chains. Talk about whiplash. I did like the plot though. I got Laura’s need to be her own woman despite life constantly being against her. I felt for her and tried to imagine what her life was like. I know Seth was doing what he was raised to do. I felt maybe at times they were too toxic for each other but heck I could totally be wrong on that one too. I will read on to book two to see if maybe that follows a more simple path and I’m curious to know how Seth and Laura will move on.

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