Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Review! Cat Love by Sunniva Dee, 4 Cranky Stars

I shall never look at cats the same way EVER again!

Like all stories I’ve fallen in love with, I devoured Cat Love within hours of opening it. Honestly speaking, I have never read anything from Mrs. Sunniva Dee, even though I had seen covers of her other books on Amazon. Somehow I never felt a strong urge to pick up her titles.

Then Cat Love landed at my doorstep and purred its way straight into my heart!

It spent a delicious time visiting my loins on its way up, I have to confess. I wouldn’t say it’s hot but man! It’s such a TEASE! Definitely left me hot and bothered throughout the book!
I’m a dog person and like any dog-lover, I think cats are such vicious, selfish prima donnas. Just imagining the way a cat would look at you makes a mere human feel so insecure for being…human, not like an elegant cat. But this book…WOW! A whole new kettle of fish for me into the cat psyche!
Anyway, enough about cats. Mina would be offended.

The mystery in the story was refreshing. It’s the usual cat-and-mouse-chase but with a twist (dang it! Done it again with the cat-comments!) I really enjoyed the relationship between Ulani and Adrian. I found myself giggling and even laughing out loud at some of their antics. The mystery side of the story wasn’t your heavy-hurt-your-brain-thinking-of-the-plot type and in some ways I would have liked a bit more element of danger thrown in at some points. But still, that didn’t detract my pleasure of reading the story in general. Quite opposite, so that in fact since I spent most of my time purring along with Mina as we watched the sparks ignite and fly between our sexy couple.

Actually, I might just need to go back to those parts to (AHEM) make sure I didn’t miss a word or two. 

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