Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Review! Three by E.S. Carter, 5 Cranky Stars

I am a huge fan of E.S. Carter and have read her debut novel and follow up, Nineteen and Twenty One.  I was wondering how she was going to top those, but she has.

Three takes you on an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish, making it impossible to put down.  I finished this book in five hours! It has you reaching for the tissues multiple times.

In Three, we finally get to learn more about Liam, a character I have always been curious about. There is something about him.  In the first two books, he was perplexing, different to his brothers.

He isn't a playboy. He's a man fighting something no medicine can cure: a broken heart.  His mind and soul are linked to the one girl, trapping his heart forever. He exists, but doesn't truly live.

"Each step that takes me further away from her is like a bolt to my chest, causing my feet to grow heavy and my legs to ache like I’m physically carrying a ton weight on my back."

Outwardly, Cari Pritchard is a saint, but to herself, she is flawed. Years ago, she gave her heart to a younger man, but broke things off when she had to take care of her baby sister. Cari struggles, not only with being a sudden 'parent', but with the love she left behind.

"I am lonely. So lonely that it feels like I’m drowning some days; drowning and yet I am surrounded by others who can breathe easily...I never felt lonely with Liam; he was my cure, my antidote, my elixir vitae. He pushed back the waters of loneliness almost to the point of drought."

A chance meeting between Liam and Cari reignites old flames. Liam and Cari's fight for each other is real, powerful, and breathtaking. Add in wonderful secondary characters, including a return of some of our favourite Fox's, this book delivers the goods.

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