Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Review! Waiting For Us by Dawn Stanton, 5 Cranky Stars

I discovered this book by accident and it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.  This is the sweet coming of age story for Hailey, Marcus, and Cory.  If you haven't read it, grab it!

Hailey is the type of friend I wanted to be, wanted to have, and the woman I want to be when I'm grown up.  She's fun, carefree, and loves to surf. We watch her transition from child to womanhood as the years go by at the beach.  The transition isn't easy and by the time she graduates, Hailey has already experienced heartache.

Marcus, Hailey's best friend and childhood companion.  He's the quintessential boy next door or in this case, the kid across the street.  His feelings for Hailey are resolute. He watches her fall in love, picks up the pieces when her heart gets broken, and is her rock in times of crisis.  His loyalty to Hailey doesn't go unnoticed and it's one of the reasons I fell in love with him.

Cory, the third character.  He just happens to tag along with his college best-friend, Jake, one Thanksgiving and meets a young Hailey. As the years go by, strong feelings develop. While Cory likes the ladies, it is obvious that he is driven and passionate. He's also pretty hot.

The journey these three take into adulthood is not without its ups and downs. Heart ache, upheaval, love, and happiness. All play factors, but it comes down to the choices that are made. Which one is it going to be?

Dawn Stanton wrote an amazing book with such down to earth characters. You are taken on an eleven year journey - from childhood to adulthood and get to bond with the characters.  Pick it up.  You won't be disappointed. 

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