Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New Review! Heart by Kew Townsend, 1 Cranky Star

Heart: Part 1 - London (Affairs of the Heart #1)Heart: Part 1 - London by Kew Townsend
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

* 1 Cranky Star *

I have perused the product description and synopsis of this novella with care. It is being marketed as a Rocker Romance. Nowhere is there a warning of adult content.

The book consists out of 80% or more of sex scenes, thoughts about sex, seduction scenes and lusty thoughts on sex. There is very little story, in fact in my opinion the synopsis imparts more of a story than the book.

The author uses repetitive phrases with which to describe Luka, one of the male leads. Holly is engaged to Brett in the USA, but falls in lust with Luka within the hour of landing in London. An assignation is arranged and before that can be consummated she is sexually attracted to Kaine.

While I realize that there is a market for this type of book, it is NOT my cup of tea and I therefore rate it at 1 star. When I take on a book to review I make a commitment to read each word and not skim, with this book I was inventing reasons not to read.

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