Wednesday, August 3, 2016

New Review! Awake by Natasha Preston, 3.5 Cranky Stars

AwakeAwake by Natasha Preston
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

**** 3.5 Cranky Stars ****

Awake is a YA thriller and the first book I have read by Natasha Preston. The plot centers on unraveling the mystery of Scarlett, the main female lead character, and her ties to a cult. The story is set in England, but answers to Scarlett’s background are found in Ireland.

Scarlett is a sixteen year old high school student who, due to trauma, cannot remember anything before the age of four.

Her home life is ‘normal’: she lives with two parents who love her and an older brother.

Enter Noah: the new boy at school who starts a relationship with Scarlett, but hides dangerous secrets.

He encourages Scarlett to recover her memories and as fragments come through, more questions are raised.

Awake is a good tight suspense where the up close and personal horror is a real page-turner.

At times, the dialogue was a bit stilted and you had to suspend belief with some of the character’s actions, but the disconnection between humanity and blind faith was a compelling read.

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