Tuesday, August 2, 2016

New Review! Frost: A Rendezvous Collection by Elise Faber, K.D. Wood, CC Ravanera & Kelly Martin, 4.5 Cranky Stars

Frost: A Rendezvous CollectionFrost: A Rendezvous Collection by Elise Faber
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

***** 4.5 Cranky Stars *****

Four standalone stories take place at the mystical Hotel Toujours.

A little paranormal and mystery with some raunch thrown in on the side. This was a perfect read for the train trip I took on Friday!

Fire and Ice by Elise Faber: 4 stars. This story feels like part of a series. It's easy to follow, but there was some information dumping along the way which I felt was unnecessary for a standalone in an anthology.

Rendezvous in Room 311 by K.D. Wood: 3 stars. I actually enjoyed this story. I loved the two main characters were people of colour. What stops me from giving it a higher rating is the transitions between characters and time periods. Sometimes, I was unsure who was narrating. Although switching between past and present is one of my favourite literary devices, I felt it was a little over utilised and detracted from the overall story.

Wishes by C.C. Ravanera: 5 stars. I think this one is my favourite. It's an incredibly sweet story about a positive girl and a cynical jinn. I found myself laughing out loud in some parts (intentional) and sniffing in others.

The Things We Leave Behind by Kelly Martin: 5 Stars. This one is my second favourite or at least first equal with Wishes. It's funny, witty, chilling, and a little sad. Two people go to a room that is haunted. One is a ghost hunter and the other is the husband of the woman who is haunting the place. Both get more than they bargained for.

Overall, I'd recommend this anthology. It's a mixed bag, but in a good way. You get four different, interconnected stories by very different authors. Pick this up. You won't be disappointed.

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