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New Review! There Are No Vampires In This Book by Megan Bailey, 5 Cranky Stars

There Are No Vampires In This BookThere Are No Vampires In This Book by Megan Bailey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

***** 5 Cranky Stars *****

Review of There Are No Vampires by Megan Bailey

This is an excellent story for young adult readers. It is the story of a girl, now in her twenties, struggling to keep it together after witnessing the death of both her parents when she was young.

Taryn writes journals and the author fills in the gaps seamlessly to develop a compelling tale of real life.
The book grabs you with the journal entries of an angry Taryn, who is mad at her therapist, Madeline, and ends with a resolved Taryn still working with her therapist.

As the title implies, Taryn believes she witnessed her parents being killed by a vampire and when she tells people this truth she is placed in a mental ward. She comes to live with her grandmother, who was not the knitting by the fire type. Taryn tells everyone that there are no vampires and that she is coping just to escape back to a normal life, but secretly, she believes she must rid the world of vampires and prove her mental fitness.

The author does not let Taryn stand alone in her beliefs and quest to prove there are vampires. The author gives her two extremely loyal and foolhardy friends to follow her into all kinds of trouble, including a chase in a graveyard, a bar fight, and a tattoo parlor.

The friends, Aiden and Kenzie, are very protective of her. Together, they set out to solve the mysterious deaths occurring in the area.

The story has twists and turns and this reader was sure of the end, but was blown away be the ending she didn’t see coming at all. It has some violence and a description of getting a tattoo that makes even me, who hates needles and any kind of pain, want one.

The characters were complex and even the silver-eyed guy seems to have a secret that Taryn is desperate to find out.

This is a wonderful story that flowed nicely and did not seem trite or foolish. I was asked to read and review this story for the Book Curmudgeon. It is a story that hooks you in and does not disappoint. Recommended for more mature young readers.

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