Thursday, August 4, 2016

New Review! Wake Me Up - A Tainted Ink Novel - Book 1 by Michelle Horst, 5 Cranky Stars

Wake Me Up - A Tainted Ink Novel - Book 1Wake Me Up - A Tainted Ink Novel - Book 1 by Michelle Horst
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky stars!

Warning: This novel is intended for mature audiences over the age of 18 only. It contains graphic scenes of sex, violence and strong language.

Twenty-two-year old Emma runs from a devastating life. Wanting to escape her demons with the help of her crazy friend Chloe, she travels halfway across the world.
Alone, Emma must make a fresh start in the small town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She doesn't let anyone near her, until Aiden.
Aiden gives her a glimpse of what love really is like, but then their little world is shattered when their lives collide and Emma gets caught in the middle.
Will Aiden cross an ocean for Emma?

If I had wings I would fly, I'd soar on high where only eagles dare I'd let them rip, I'd let them tear, until all that remained was me bare.

Emma has had a difficult upbringing. There's no love in her family, only manipulation and hate. Her mum would put the wicked witch of the west and the evil stepmother to shame. Her father is a useless piece of crud who allows her mum to abuse her.

My dad is a wimp. Weakly interacting massive particle or WIMP, a hypothetical particle serving as one possible solution to the dark matter problem –the dark matter problem being my mother. That’s the definition Astrophysics gave for my mum and dad.

With the help of her friend Chloe, Emma is able to escape the prison she calls home and starts her new life.

There's so much going on in this book. You'll instantly fall in love with Aiden and Emma. Their story is one that will stay with me for life.

“For the rest of your life,”I finish. “I want you to be my eagle.”
“It’s not a dream, Emma. There’s no wakin’ you up. It’s only gonna get better.”

If you're looking for a heart wrenching, action packed, sexy as hell read than this is the book for you.

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