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New Review! Clover by Lisa Jade, 4 Cranky Stars

CloverClover by Lisa Jade
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**** 4 Cranky Stars ****

First off, this is a top class work of fiction. Lisa jade is a new to me author and from the looks of it, isn’t that well-known in the literary world. Yet. We need to correct that.

The world the Noah, our main character lives in is hard. She had only known back-breaking labor, hunger, cruelty and down-right slavery all her young life. Something she had come to accept in order to survive. She and thousands of other teenagers and children are workers of the Mill, may it be in the farm, the factories, power plant or at the Mine. Places that supply everything to the mainland, Thorne.

For the past eight years, 19 yr old Noah had kept her head down and worked herself to the ground to avoid being punished by the guards by something as simple as sitting down on the job for five minutes. This attitude however didn’t encourage any friendship with the other teens apart from her bunkbed mate, Nel. But honestly, everyone is just too exhausted to even think about becoming friends with another person.

Then one day, a new boy arrived and Noah got caught in the side-lines in the wake of his punishment. As a result, she was forced to make a solitary trip to Thorne to deliver supplies to a woman called Pan. Armed with just her cart, no food or water for the journey and no mode of transportation apart from her own 2 feet, Noah took on the job without any complaints.

And ended up seeing a completely different world where she was directly connected to.

This was such a pleasure to read. The world building was so good I could see every place so clearly in my mind’s eye. All the characters introduced became my friends and were so individualised that I knew which was who instead of thinking they are like identical drones in an army of many.

Noah’s character developed at a steady pace I felt like I shared every experience with her. There was no insta-love or male interest forced in front of her which had been quite refreshing because it made me appreciate her character more than seeing her as part of a couple.

My only criticism is the story finished with this book. It would have been better had it been a 2 book series I thought. There was enough content to flesh it out and stretch the story into 2 books and it would have been richer had that been the case. The end felt a bit hurried and lacking after following such a promising start and meaty middle part.

Having said that, I still thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend this to all dystopian readers and to those wanting for explore this genre.

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