Thursday, June 21, 2018

New Review! Legacy of Dolyn (Volume 1) by Amelia Guillem 3 Cranky Stars

Legacy of Dolyn: Volume 1Legacy of Dolyn: Volume 1 by Amelia Guillem
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 Cranky Stars

Ok, this book really did not have feeling. The characters, the way they would feel, I could not connect. The characters themselves did not necessarily flow together. The story jumped right into it, but it was all over the place. The main Character, Glen, seems to narrate here and there throughout the story, but it doesn’t really flow.

The main character, Glen turned out to be Goddess and she went through a lot. The friends she made along the way were not normal, one was a stuffed cat, one was a humanoid and the other was possessed by a ghost. Eventually, within the story, you get an explanation of how each one becomes, but it still didn’t make much sense of how or exactly why they were there and who exactly each person was. It almost seemed like they were trying to recreate their circle. With the ending, there is apparently more books to come. Hopefully it’s more detailed and put together.

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