Tuesday, August 2, 2016

New Review! Death of a Chorus Girl by P.M. Briede, 4 Cranky Stars

Death of a Chorus Girl (Delacroix Series #1)Death of a Chorus Girl by P.M. Briede
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*** 4 Cranky Stars ***

I don't normally read romance novels, even if it has a paranormal twist. I really liked this storyline it has some good drama. It is not heavy on the steps in solving a murder, but it has lots of relationship drama. It reminds me of the novels labeled as Beach Books. The cliffhanger ending was also abrupt.

I love the author's vivid descriptions of the people and New York. It helped me see the settings and real landmarks while reading and that helped me connect to the characters. You feel like you are inside the mind's of the characters. They are the narrators of their strange meeting and love story. Love the author’s vivid descriptions of the people and New York.

The story centers around Em and Rich who, at times, act like middle schoolers. At first, they grated on me, but as I read on, I understood they couldn't help their fate to meet. It is interesting how the author allows the reader into the mind of the main characters. It was a great way to not only explain the murder, but also both of their reactions to the events unfolding in their personal lives.

I did like the reference to real place, which made the story so much more real. The author builds a sold background to the players in this cat and mouse game. The author seems to have an understanding of each character's ego. I really felt drawn in to their different worlds.

It did have a bit of sex scenes and lots of kissing and a lot of loss. The loss of loved ones and relationships and trust seem more the theme than a loss of a murdered chorus girl.

The story begins when a very handsome detective is called to the scene of a dead body at a theatre. The detective is captivated by a beautiful choreographer who was the one to find the body. The murder triggers events that threaten the play, the careers and lives of all in this love story. The case is turning cold as the relationships heat up.

The book picks up speed as the many players interact and try to deceive and cover up the lies and the truths. With every page the author lets you see more and more of the internal torment of both the theatre and police worlds and the many roles each character plays to maintain the illusion that the world is a safe and happy place.

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