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New Review! Eight Days (Love Always, #1.5) by D. Nichole King, 3.5 Cranky Stars

Eight Days (Love Always, #1.5)Eight Days by D. Nichole King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

!!!3.5 Very Cranky Stars!!!

3.5 stars because I can't say that it wasn't well written, and I'm not going to hold it against the author that I pretty much hated this story. Actually, that is still a testament to her abilities to bring out emotion in the reader, even if it is negative emotion.

Love Always, Kate, the first book in this series, was heartwrenching, but beautiful. In it, I had some issues with Damian Lowell's character, but saw the good in him and his love of Kate. I do not doubt that he loved her as much as he was capable of, and in Love Always, Kate, he did a marvelous job of making her feel not only loved, but a whole person. Battling leukemia since childhood, she had always felt her disease had kept her from fitting in, or being seen as just Kate, not the girl who had cancer. Seeing Damian mostly through Kate's eyes made it easier to accept his darker side.

Eight Days is a look inside Damian's mind and actions during the eight days Kate was in a medically induced coma. I am sure the author's intent was to show the readers just how broken Damian was when he met Kate and how he battled to become a better man for her.

Unfortunately, for me, I just got more disgusted with his actions with each page, and lost the respect I had for him in Love Always, Kate. With her being in a coma throughout the telling of Eight Days, it is easy to forget the good she sees in him. In general I'm all for the bad boy, but to me this was just too much bad and not enough redemption.

Overall, the author's writer's voice is still very coherent, smooth and realistic. And, bottom line, I will read the final book in the trilogy when it is available.

For mature audiences only for sexual situations.

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