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New Review! Into the Heart of Desire by S.H. Pratt, 5 Cranky Stars

Into the Heart of DesireInto the Heart of Desire by S.H. Pratt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

***** 5 Cranky Stars *****

Aislinn Jane O’Rourke, AJ to her business associates, is tough. She’s renowned as one of the strongest negotiators in the State. The standard to which Aislinn led her business was the standard to which she led her life. Men were unnecessary and unable to satisfy her mentally, emotionally or sexually. As one of Seattle’s most eligible and wealthy, Aislinn preferred a low profile, free of the entanglements that men represented.
Enter Jacoby Weston, confident, arrogant, secure in his prowess and likes a challenge. Many things challenged Jacoby… the daily running of his business, the negotiation of life with a broken and dysfunctional family, but women did not challenge him. Women were a pleasant diversion but never for more than one night in his basement. Until he met Aislinn O’Rourke…

1. How did you find reading a book with two alphas as lead?

Cranky 1: I think it’s unusual. Usually, you get the dominant male and the weaker woman, but not this time. Both were equally strong. It was great.

Cranky 2: It was definitely different, but in a good way. Even though they’re both alphas, they complimented each other.

2. What did you think of Jacoby when he was first introduced?

Cranky 2: Honestly, I thought he was a pompous ass! At first, I hated him. He comes across as God’s gift to everyone and everything.

Cranky 1: Me too! There’s a fine line between being confident and being a jackass. He was so on the line!

3. He redeemed himself though, didn’t he?

Cranky 1: He did.
Cranky 2: Yes, he really did.

4. What was your reaction to the sleeping arrangements?

Cranky 1: I thought they were strange at first, but figured there must be a reason. What about you?

Cranky 2: I found myself questioning Aislinn’s sanity! The fact that Jacoby stayed said a lot about his character.

5. There are some big secrets in this book, aren’t there?
Cranky 1 and 2: Our lips are sealed. No spoilers, but yes. Yes, indeed.

6. Derek voices his opinion of Aislinn early on. What did you think of his assumptions?

Cranky 2: I thought Derek had ulterior motives for trying to steer Jacoby away from Aislinn. I instantly put him in the bad guy territory. He was just way too adamant that he stayed away from her!

Cranky 1: Yes. I thought he was a bit creepy. It was pretty presumptuous of him!

Cranky 2: Me too. I wanted to smack him!

7. Their chemistry… they had smoking hot chemistry!

Cranky 2: They did. I thought that they would end up tearing each other apart at first, but when they finally got together, I found myself cheering them on. Together: they were volcanic.

Cranky 1: Hot, hot, hot. They suit each other very much.

8. Do you recommend this book?

Cranky 2: I highly recommend this book. I’d give it more than five stars if I could.

Cranky 1: Yep. It’s five stars from me too. So, it’s five stars from you and five stars from me?

That’s a five star rating from The Cranksters!

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