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New Review! Leon's Way by Sunniva Dee, 4.5 Cranky Stars

Leon's WayLeon's Way by Sunniva Dee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

****4.5 Cranky Stars****

Stunning club owner Leon keeps his world on a tight leash. He subdues his past by means of deviant sex, his martial arts, and his motorcycle. But when destiny throws him curveballs at the hands of a beautiful employee and a dying tormentor, he loses his precious control.

Self-described as the number one object of Deepsilver’s rumor mill, Leon is the bad-boy owner of the student hotspot, Smother. Leon likes his girls broken, but when life throws him a curve ball, his ‘singular’ tastes extend to include the woman who’s been watching him from afar.
Arriane wants Leon, even when she knows she shouldn’t. As one of his trusted employees, she has witnessed Leon’s parade of broken girls, which makes her wary of getting involved with him because Leon is a walking heartbreak.
The two of them represent everything the other has never wanted, but very much need.

We’re doing a joint review on this story because two of us read it and enjoyed it very much.

1. How did you like the introduction?

Cranky One: I was drawn into the book immediately with how determined she was not to let him leave the bedroom!

Cranky Two: The intro was smoking hot! I’d just finished Pandora Wildchild and was waiting to see the aftermath from Leon’s perspective. It was quite… an aftermath!

2. Is it a standalone?

Cranky One: I never read Pandora Wildchild. I thought Leon’s book was great as a standalone. I didn’t know of Wildchild until after!

Cranky Two: Yes, the book can absolutely be read as a standalone. Leon was the bad-boy villain type in Pandora Wildchild, but you really get to know him better in this story. Arrianne brought out the best in him.

Cranky One: Yes! I loved how she kept her independence and never gave up on him.

3. What did you think about the shadow of family in this story?

Cranky One: It really opened your eyes.

Cranky Two: Yes. It shows how parents can really influence the way we view relationships and love without us really thinking about it. I got frustrated with them. Did you? I just wanted them to have an honest conversation.

Cranky One: I did. I got frustrated with Arriane more so and the thoughts her mother had put in her head.

Cranky Two: I did too. Leon, you could understand. He’d been brutalized, but she’d been brainwashed!

4. The secondary characters

Cranky One: I loved the secondary characters!

Cranky Two: They were fantastic. They really made the book. #Ingela Rules

Cranky One: I also loved that Leon was part Asian.

Cranky Two: Yes. It’s always great to see diverse characters!

5. Bad Boys!

Cranky Two: What is it about bad boys? Why do we find them so compelling?

Cranky One: They have a dangerous allure and when they fall for someone… it’s always harder and sweeter to watch.

6. Overall:
Cranky One: 4.5 cranky stars from me. It’s a big book, but it didn’t drag and the flow was great.

Cranky Two: Yes. I agree. The pace was just right and kept you intrigued.

The Crankies: Soooooo, if you love bad boys, angst, and a book you can’t put down – pick this up! It’s a must read.

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