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New Review! New Forever by Yessi Smith, 5 Cranky Stars

New ForeverNew Forever by Yessi Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

***** 5 Cranky Stars *****

This book is intended for a mature reading audience and isn't suitable for readers under the age of 17.

Haunted by a past Max can’t seem to escape, he invests everything he is into Hayley. He pampers her and shows her a love she never knew she could experience. His entire life revolves around making her happy and eventually protecting her from his demons, even if that means hurting her in the process.
While Max tries to pick up the pieces of his broken past, Hayley protects her own heart the best way she knows how - through laughter and mayhem. But when secrets unravel, both must decide what is most important. Feeling more vulnerable than ever before, they must fight for each other and for themselves.

This is an interconnected standalone for Love, Always. **

Cranky 1: This is actually difficult to write spoiler free and without becoming sort of gushing fan-girls. Yessi Smith is one of my favourite writers and I’m so glad I discovered her works.
Cranky 2: Right? I discovered Yessi through a friend and was hooked.

1. Dee and Hayley have an unbreakable bond. Hayley has always been Dee's rock. How did you feel about the roll reversal?

Cranky 1: I think the roll reversal was realistic. That’s what best friends do. Sometimes, they need you and sometimes, you need them. I’d be lost without my best friends.
Cranky 2: I love how the girls are with each other. They use a lot of humor to counteract the sadness. I think this friendship can make it through anything. True BFF'S in every sense.

Cranky 1: Exactly, I think humour is essential in any relationship. It gets you through the tough times and sometimes it’s easier to reveal truths that way than any other.
Cranky 2: I completely agree. I have BFF’s like this and wouldn’t trade them for anything!

2) What did you think of Max?

Cranky 1: I have very few book boyfriends, but I think Max might be one. I really liked him: his sense of decency and nobility, even though he made me so mad!
Cranky 2: I actually threw my reader and screamed ‘noooooooooo’ at one point. Max has my heart. Through all his faults; his biggest one is loving Hayley too much. I find no fault in that
Cranky 1: You know what? Sometimes people do dumb things for the right reasons, even though they make you want to knock some sense into them! In truth, I actually appreciate characters like this in books. I prefer them to the guy that supposedly has all the answers and knows everything.
Cranky 2 : it sure makes the characters more relatable. Yessi Smith has a way of writing characters that you can't help but fall in love with.
Cranky 1: She does. You feel like you could meet the characters and they exist out there in the real world.
Cranky 2 : Yes! And you would become instant friends.

3. I know we’ve discussed Hayley and Dee, but I also enjoyed the friendship between Max and Adam too. What did you think?

Cranky 1: I thought it added depth to the story, even though the story is very layered. I enjoy seeing friendships in stories, in particular male friendships.
Cranky 2: Adam (swoon) steps up to the plate and solidifies his friendship with Max (double swoon) by helping him out of a jam. I love the no holds barred effect Adam has with Max.
Cranky 1: Yes, and also, quite often men compete with one another for the heroine in stories. I like that this was actually about friendship without the other factors.
Cranky 2: I completely agree. No sizing up, just straight bromance.

4. The book had so many great scenes, which was your favourite?

Cranky 1: Josie being a parrot, the hospital scene, and bridesmaid duties. Lol!
Cranky 2: The text messages leading up to the book signing, and bridesmaid duties. Lol!

5. How many stars?

Cranky 1: Five stars from me – easy.
Cranky 2: Me too.

And that’s five stars from the cranksters! We highly recommend this book.

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