Tuesday, August 2, 2016

New Review! Schism by Laura Maisano, 5 Cranky Stars

Schism (Illirin, #1)Schism by Laura Maisano
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

**** 5 Cranky Stars ****

Schism: a split of division between strongly opposed sections or parties caused by differences in opinion or belief.

My only warning for this book is it ends in a cliff hanger. The story has so many aha moments it is hard to review without giving any away and ruining the reader’s pleasure of discovering them for themselves. This made the story worth reading and so easy to enjoy at any age.

The story has wonderful themes of loyalty, tolerance and fighting for good over evil.

Gabe was in a bad car accident and lost all memory of his past relationships. He is an artist who has a kind heart with a warrior’s soul who wants to make the world a better place for everyone.

He draws the face of a beautiful girl he thinks he must have loved. His thousands of pictures of his fiancĂ©e don’t help him remember his life with her, or anyone for that matter. He is the lynch-pin in changing the world forever.

The story is also about a strong, smart, quirky, college girl who everyone whispers is crazy. Lea, the main character, is highly intelligent. She uses science, physics and math to solve mysteries and problems throughout the story.

Gabe’s roommate, Matt is a gamer with mad skills. The three often have gaming tournaments where they stay up late and eat pizza and talk smack about how they play. It is a wonderful way to show the bond that they have right from the beginning. Together these three put in motion steps to change the world.

Gabe and Lea meet when Gabe saves her. She is working on a theory to prove her institutionalized parents are not crazy and they did see and were attacked by strange looking beings. Her parents were just too honest to the wrong people and landed in a mental hospital for it. The friends must prove her parents are not crazy and save the world without being put in rooms in the institution themselves.

The story takes place in two different worlds and though very different they share intolerance and corruption, but also hope and love which makes both places magical. The story even has an innovative Arthurian twist.

I look forward to learn more about these wonderfully complex characters.

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