Friday, August 23, 2019

Excerpt Reveal! That Forever Girl (Getting Lucky #2) by Meghan Quinn

THAT FOREVER GIRL (Getting Lucky #2) by Meghan Quinn Release Date: August 27th Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Blurb: USA Today bestselling author Meghan Quinn’s second book in the Getting Lucky series brings heart, humor, and heat back to Port Snow.
There are two little words every small-town man dreads:
She’s back.
Harper Sanders, the girl who was supposed to be my forever, has returned to Port Snow, Maine, for good—and she’s bringing back memories of our shared past. We once had a bright future together, but when tragedy struck, I threw it all away and pushed her out of my life. People in our small town think I’m cursed, but I know better. I did it all to myself.
And now she’s creating a life of her own in the place where we first fell in love. I can’t fight my feelings for her—or the strong attraction that keeps pulling us together. But after all this time, can she forgive the past and fall in love with me all over again?
Everyone hopes to find that forever girl…I just hope I haven’t lost mine for good.
Excerpt: Pausing at the door, I close it behind her as her eyes wander around the house. From the floors to the vaulted ceilings and exposed old beams, she takes everything in, a smile playing on her lips, a glint in her eyes.
“Wow,” she says breathlessly, removing her jacket.
Fuck, I could say the same about her. She’s not wearing a dress but one of those romper things instead. Short shorts, cinched waist, deep-V neckline that falls past her breasts, and when she turns to hang her coat on a little peg next to the door, God help me, I spot the romper’s open back, exposing her lightly freckled skin.
There is no way I’m going to be able to be decent tonight, not with her dressed like that. Hell, I’m seconds away from pushing her up against the wall and showing her just how much I want her in my life again.
When she turns back around, she takes my hand in hers and walks toward the center of the house. “It’s so beautiful in here. How much have you renovated?”
She wants to talk renovation right now? Wearing that?
“Uh . . . what?” My eyes are glued to her breasts. There is no way in hell she’s wearing a bra, not with the way her nipples are poking out. She’s always had pert little breasts, but in this outfit, fuck, my mouth is watering just for one little taste.
She pulls my chin up, and I meet her eyes. “Hey, I’m up here.”
“Yeah, I know where you are. I’m just choosing to look elsewhere.” I pull at her hand, bringing her close to my chest, where I can easily run my hand up her bare back. Fuck, so soft, sosmooth. “This was a dangerous outfit to wear, Harper.”
“You think so? I thought it was rather conservative.” She gives me a wry smile.
“Bullshit. You knew exactly what you were doing. You want to drive me crazy, don’t you?”
“Just wanted to look nice.” She pushes away and walks along the back of the couch, her fingers trailing along the fabric. “And I’m pretty sure you knew what you were doing by not wearing socks with your jeans.”
“Bare feet don’t even come close to that romper.” I almost said bare foot but caught myself. Not right now.
She shrugs and makes her way around the main living space; I follow closely behind like a lost puppy dog. “So tell me what you did. Is there anything original still in the house?”
“Why don’t we start in my bedroom? I can tell you all about what I did in there.”
About the Author: USA Today Bestselling Author, wife, adoptive mother, and peanut butter lover. Author of romantic comedies and contemporary romance, Meghan Quinn brings readers the perfect combination of heart, humor, and heat in every book.

Release Blitz! Love Hurts (The Love Duet #1) by Leah Sharelle

Title: Love Hurts
Series: The Love Duet Book One
Author: Leah Sharelle
Genre: Romance
Release Date: August 23, 2019 Cover Design: Mayhem Cover Creations
The perfect woman was out there, I had her once and I would have her again.
It was time to do something drastic. Most of my life had been spent in the shadow of my twin brother, Deck.
I was tired of being the ‘great’ Deck Johnston’s quiet underachieving twin.
I needed to break out and forge my own path in life.
I had aspirations just like Deck, I may not have wanted to be a soldier like him, but joining the police force was my perfect choice.
The next thing on my to-do list was love; find my perfect partner and be part of something special.
I found ‘The One’ then lost her minutes later … but lucky for me, I found her again years later.
There was just one problem. She used to be Deck’s.
They were just friends now, but that didn’t stop the memories of our turbulent years of fighting and arguing to cloud my brain.
So what happens when two brothers reconnect and you throw a beautiful woman into the mix?
All hell breaks loose.

I love the idea of being in love. Since my early teens when I first discovered Silhouette Desire novels my life has been all about reading. I would find myself re-writing scenes if I wasn't happy with them and hiding them under my bed. That led me to writing love stories of my own. They all ended up under the bed and are still there, and there they will stay. I don't do angst, in fact it drives me crazy. 

I am a mum of three beautiful girls, Australian, and have what most say is a weird sense of humor.

I spend my free time doing movie, Sons of Anarchy, and Friends marathons. And reading.

I love Pina Colada's and getting caught in the rain..... there's that weird humor.

Spotlight Tour! Aether Magic (Elements of Twilight #2) by Isobelle Carmichael

Title: Aether Magic
Series: Elements of Twilight #2
Author: Isobelle Carmichael
Genre: Adult Paranormal Harem Romance
Release Date: July 21, 2019
I survived the Blood Moon Ceremony... barely
Our pack is in ruins, ravaged by a traitor who left us to pick up the pieces.
My people need my help to rebuild, yet something went very wrong that night,  and I'm not the same wolf I used to be.
Now, I’m being forced into the Underworld in a desperate attempt to unravel the darkness coiling within me.
The only creature able to prevent my magical overload is a malevolent succubus who is sure to demand something in return.
And the way she ogles my men makes it clear she’s not to be trusted.
Let her look at me like I’m her next meal. She has no idea who she’s dealing with.
With my parents whisked into the Void, I have a pack to take care of, and Elders who will stop at nothing to kill me.
But my troubles don’t stop there.
The five delicious men I love are battling demons of their own and need me more than ever.
Can I be the alpha everyone is counting on, or will my failure tear our pack part?
The chaos continues as the Elements of Twilight series races towards its heart-stopping conclusion with Aether Magic, written by Isobelle Carmichael.
Aether Magic is a #whychoose style novel. These books have potentially triggering elements and explicit scenes. This book has FMMMM, MM, FF BDSM, as well as dark themes.

I'm Isobelle, a writer from Northern Virginia. I've been reading and writing for as long as I can remember. However, it wasn't until I crossed in that magical world known as my 30's that I shook off the last vestiges of fear and dove head first into my writing career. I started writing in September 2018 and fell in love. I hope you enjoy my stories because I pour a piece of myself into every page. I started this journey as a passion project, and to prove myself right.. Everyone deserves to live out there dreams. When not writing I'm also a fan of cooking, musical theatre and spoiling my dog. I love reverse harem, dark paranormal, urban fantasy and fantasy. I listen to my muse and write what she gives me.
My fondest wish is to write for all sorts of different people. I want to be very inclusive in my writing because I feel like there’s a place for that. I think that everybody should be able to pick up a book and find somebody they identify with. I want to write characters that are real, even if they’re in a fantastical world. Which means, touching on subjects that might be disturbing to some, but is a way of life to others. Life isn't all rainbows and lollipops. We have to go through a storm once in a while. That's what makes the reward sweeter!