Saturday, December 30, 2017

Blog Tour! The Peradon Series by Daccari Buchelli

The Peradon Fantasy Series Book 1
by Daccari Buchelli
Genre: YA Fantasy 

No power is greater than the one you’re willing to sacrifice. 

Princess Violetta Flame lives her life according to rule, but those rules require her to pay a heavy price. Haunted by a devastating loss, she longs for freedom. When a handsome ruler takes a special interest in her, she senses greater things lie ahead, but behind the handsome façade lies a dark secret – one that can usurp her efforts and cast her back into the life she detested.

The throne was never promised to Emperor Ryore Frost, but now that he has ultimate power, his world is filled with possibilities. Citizens bow at his feet, but their fleeting adoration is no match for his obsession with the young Flame Princess. As his feelings for the staunchly independent princess grow, a new threat emerges, bent on undermining his efforts and betraying his sensibilities.

When past tragedies, malevolent behaviour, and strong wills collide, which will reign supreme?

The Peradon Fantasy Series Book 2
Releases December 25th, 2017!!

In order to save the ones you love, you must be prepared to risk it all.
Five years have passed since that fateful day at the Frost Estate and Violetta fails to shake the memories of her husband’s demise. Her daughter Elinor cannot know of the part she played, but that is only one of the Flame Queen’s problems.
With a mysterious storm blanketing the whole of Peradon, Violetta, with the help of Lord Jork and Xyhoni, sets out to uncover its source. The last thing she expected was for her only child to vanish and for a troublesome rumour to be circling Peradon.
At her wits end, Violetta must journey through the four realms in search of anyone who can help to find her daughter, but- is she willing to accept the help of a traitor?

Born in 1993, British writer Daccari Buchelli spends his time focusing on his favourite genre, Fantasy. Having developed an early love of literature, he became determined to create his own magical wonderlands for fellow readers to explore. He spent his teenage years working on several Fantasy novellas, which he has yet to release to the general public. 

He has since released the first book in a new Fantasy series, which revolves around young royals and the elemental magic that they possess. As an active member of the LGBT+ community, Mr Buchelli hopes to help reduce intolerance and bullying by promoting acceptance and understanding of those different to ourselves.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

New Review! Legacy of Evil by Sharon Buchbinder 4 Cranky Stars

Legacy of Evil (Hotel LaBelle, # 2)Legacy of Evil by Sharon Buchbinder
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

This is the second book in The Hotel LaBelle series. I normally read my books in numerical order. I started with this book first and I loved it. I was afraid I would be missing some important details but I quickly realized it was a stand alone novel. This story has a little bit of everything you need in a good book. Romance, humor, the paranormal factor, mystery/crime solving and awesome animals!

The attraction and romance between the main characters Emma and Bronco is immediate. There is quite a bit of paranormal activity in this series. It ties into the romance beautifully. The paranormal aspect ties into or leads to the investigation the pair work on solving. During the investigation we learn more about both characters and this is where i enjoyed the story the most.

I liked the secondary characters as well. In the book we meet the couple from the first book in the series (Lucius and Tallulah) as well as a few other supporting characters. Personally, I hope Stephanie gets her own story. Considering her flair for drama I think it would be pretty good. My favorite characters are Bronco, Beautiful, Stephanie and Gaucho.

Warning, numerous kids in this story are in abusive situations. Which just hurt my heart (Not rape). I am not about to give any spoilers, I just wanted people to be aware and to prepare themselves. I've read worse things happening to kids but still it was sad. To me anyway. To be fair, I'm a wuss about things like that.

I enjoyed reading this book and would definitely recommend it. I plan to read more from this author.

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New Review! Mother of Shadows by Meg Anne 5 Cranky Stars

Mother of Shadows (The Chosen #1)Mother of Shadows by Meg Anne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

This story is completely captivating and had me on the edge of my seat. It is unlike anything that I've ever read. Kudos to author Meg Anne for creating a fantastical world and unforgettable characters.

Helena lived a simple life running a farm with her mom. She never expected for her childhood friend to come and change everything she knew to be truth. Now she's the the most powerful being ever and learning how to use her magic that she never knew she had. Everything's moving at lightning speed including choosing her mate.

Von is a warrior on a mission to get the banishment of his family lifted. His brother is in desperate need of a healer. What he never saw coming was the one person who could undo him with a look. The other half to his soul.

This book is amazing and I can't wait for the next book. Reading this was an experience I'll never forget.

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New Review! Begin Again Anthology 5 Cranky Stars

Begin Again: An AnthologyBegin Again: An Anthology by A.M. Johnson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

I’ve always been a strong supporter of mental healthcare. Even in modern times while it’s so widely accepted it’s also so taboo. We suffer in silence, we doubt our existence and we wonder if we could have helped someone who suffered silently to just suddenly end it all. I have experience this all first hand for I suffer with mental illness and have been touched by suicide that even 4 years later I still cry and wonder what if and how didn’t I see it?

AM Johnsons story really resonated with me. Anna Josh is an outsider with dark thoughts until she meets a boy who pulls her out of her despair. It’s about how we get stuck in the rut and while we may think and doubt ourselves there is always someone to help anchor you. The Tides of Life by Josephine Brierley we see the journey of a wedding planner coping with the loss of her one true love and trying to find love again. Telling herself it’s ok to move on you aren’t tarnishing a memory if you do. KK Allen even gives up a glimpse into the Dangerous Hearts world with Wolf and Lyric. M Never gives us a story of miscarriage and loss and having an angel appear just when you need it.

This anthology brings us all a little something. From PTSD, suicide, and depression. I had tears at time and some stories just hit me in the soul. I’ve had so many of these feelings and I think this will be a good book for many. Rather you suffer from this or know someone who does its good insight and makes you feel not so alone. Smile big beautiful souls there will always be a light maybe not now but there will be. All proceeds of this book go to suicide prevention charities.

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

New Review! Public (Private Book 2) by Xavier Neal 5 Cranky Stars

Public (Private Book 2)Public by Xavier Neal
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

Public picks up where Private dropped off. Bryn is sassy as ever with a side of sarcasm. Wes is now in the public eye and still fully uncomfortable.

Surprises are around every corner testing this beautiful couple and their love for each other. Haters and mad drama seem to be lurking everywhere. Can their relationship survive?

I love this author and the way the characters develop. Bryn is someone I can see myself hanging out with. Wes is a slightly more uptight version of Christan Grey only sexier. I highly recommend this series and author. Xavier Neal is an author to watch and follow.

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New Review! 13 Resurrected Anthology 4.5 Cranky Stars

13 Resurrected: An Anthology Of Horror and Dark Fiction (Thirteen Series, #4)13 Resurrected: An Anthology Of Horror and Dark Fiction by Amy Bartelloni
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Cranky Stars

I was excited about an anthology of horror and dark fiction. Two of my favorite things by one author I have read before and some are new to me. I wasn’t disappointed in the least. In fact, I was creeped out and had the heebies for a lot of them.

In Ghost of the Past we see the ghost of a murderess who is seeking revenge and if she can’t get to the ones who wronged her why not their kids right? In Deaths Proxy we see a girl forced to make a terrible decision in hopes of saving the ones she loves. In Sundown there is a young lady who runs a nursing home who becomes the unknown target of an elderly lady and her supposed grandson.

Each story in this anthology was creepy and bloody. From guts hanging out, to souls jumping bodies and creepy things crawling on ceilings this anthology has it all. I would really suggest this book to people who are fans of this genre. Good job.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Blog Tour! The One Apart by Justine Avery

The One Apart
by Justine Avery
Genre:Fantasy, Supernatural Thriller

Only one obstacle stands in his way of enjoying a normal life. He remembers—every life he's lived before.
Tres is about to be born... with the biggest burden any has ever had to bear. He is beginning again—as an ageless adult trapped in an infant body.
He and his teenage mother face life filled with extraordinary challenges as they strive to protect, nurture, and hide how truly different he is. But Tres alone must solve the greatest mystery of all: who is he? The answer is linked to the one question he's too afraid to ask: why am I?
In his quest, Tres discovers that all is considerably more interconnected and dynamic than he could ever imagine—and fraught with far more danger. He cannot hide from the unseen threat stalking him since his birth.
Life as he knows it—as all know it—is in peril. And Tres is the only one aware.

Justine Avery is an award-winning author of stories large and small for all. Born in the American Midwest and raised all over the world, she is inherently an explorer, duly fascinated by everything around her and excitedly noting the stories that abound all around. As an avid reader of all genres, she weaves her own stories among them all. She has a predilection for writing speculative fiction and story twists and surprises she can’t even predict herself.
Avery has either lived in or explored all 50 states of the union, over 36 countries, and all but one continent; she lost count after moving 30-some times before the age of 20. She’s intentionally jumped out of airplanes and off the highest bungee jump in New Zealand, scuba dived unintentionally with sharks, designed websites, intranets, and technical manuals, bartered with indigenous Panamanians, welded automobile frames, observed at the Bujinkan Hombu Dojo in Noba, Japan, and masterminded prosperous internet businesses—to name a few adventures. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree that life has never required, and at age 28, she sold everything she owned and quit corporate life—and her final “job”—to freelance and travel the world as she always dreamed of. And she’s never looked back.
 Aside from her native English, Avery speaks a bit of Japanese and a bit more Spanish, her accent is an ever-evolving mixture of Midwestern American with notes of the Deep South and indiscriminate British vocabulary and rhythm, and she says “eh”—like the Kiwis, not the Canadians. She currently lives near Los Angeles with her husband, British film director Devon Avery, and their three adopted children: Becks, Sam, and Lia. She writes from wherever her curiosity takes her.
Avery loves to connect with fellow readers and creatives, explorers and imaginers, and cordially invites you to say “hello”—or konnichiwa.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

New Review! Revolt (Resistance #4) by Tracy Lawson 5 Cranky Stars

Revolt (Resistance, #4)Revolt by Tracy Lawson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

The final book starts off where book three left off. I really enjoy the fact that she has continuity in her books. I could not find any plot holes which is amazing.

This whole series kinda scared me. You never know what can happen in the world. The action, tension, and drama was spot on. There weren’t any lagging parts. Tracy Lawson’s story kept me glued to the story. I really enjoyed reading this series. It gave me a chance to escape to another world. I really look forward to reading more of Lawson’s future works. I will recommend this story to others

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New Review! Ignite (Resistance #3) by Tracy Lawson 5 Cranky Stars

Ignite (Resistance #3)Ignite by Tracy Lawson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

Ignite (Book Three of the Resistance Series) by Tracy Lawson. Ignite picks up where book two left off. Careen, finds herself in a precarious situation, she is forced to make videos citing propaganda for the opposing side. Tommy is torn because he wants to believe that Careen is still on the side of the Resistance.

Great plot development, even better plot twists, and she even adds a new character to the mix. The addition of Atari was brilliant. He added so much depth and lightness to some of the scenes.
Tracy Lawson is a talented author, and a creative genius. I will recommend this book to others.

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