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New Review! Franco (Bright Side, #3) by Kim Holden, 5 Cranky Stars

Franco (Bright Side, #3)Franco by Kim Holden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

**** 5 cranky stars ****

Franco Genovese...Hello book boyfriend!

Kim Holden has done it again! She's created characters who come alive and jumps at you across the pages and make you fall in love with them. This book is full of soul and the author's sweet heart pours out in every word. You become part of the story and go for the ride with the characters until their heartache becomes yours...and their joys become your happiness.

Our main man, Franco is the drummer for Rook band and best friend to Gus. He's a free spirit and believed that "Life is what you make of it. You grab destiny by the horns and make it your...well you know".

One fateful night, he came across a beautiful girl in leopard print being shamefully ignored by her date. Being the man that he was, Franco managed to capture the girl's attention and found a kindred spirit.

Gemma wore her heart on her sleeves and lived to please people and make them happy. But held a secret she was determined to keep. When Franco discovered what was hidden, he sets out to make Gemma's dreams a reality. Hearts get involved. 

I devoured this book in a day! So many wonderful lines...

I refuse to give anything away other than please read Bright Side and Gus beforehand. Bright Side alone is a life changer. Kudos to you Kim Holden for hitting another ball out the park and yes assumptions are the antichrist.

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New Review! Double Whammy by Gretchen Archer, 5 Cranky Stars

Double Whammy (Davis Way Crime Caper, #1)Double Whammy by Gretchen Archer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

**** 5 Cranky Stars ****

32 year old ex cop, Davis Way, goes through a stringent interviewing process to land what "appears" to be a plum job as in-house investigator at the Bellisimo Casino.

Boy, was she wrong!

The main part of her job was being incognito, in disguise, never allowed to reveal who she was. In one of her disguises, she is a dead ringer for the boss' bitchy wife. She is in the perfect position to be framed!

This cozy mystery had the right balance of mystery, comedy and romance to deliver a delightful read. It can be read as a standalone but apparently there are more mysteries for Davis Way to solve.

For sheer enjoyment, I rate this book at 5.

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New Review! Duality (The Enertia Trials, #3) by J. Kowallis, 5 Cranky Stars

Duality (The Enertia Trials, #3)Duality by J. Kowallis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

**** 5 Cranky Stars ****

After Reggie was taken by Martin Lobb, Nate and London leave for Public 3 in Europe to rescue Reggie. Roy and Ransly follow shortly after. Reggie is being subjected to severe mental and physical abuse by a faceless assailant, who is trying to turn her against Nate.

An incredibly intense adventure follows with Nate close to loosing his grip on reality.

We see London maturing rapidly and even Ransly's selfishness gets turned around and she starts taking other people into consideration. We are also introduced to Roman, the fourth member of the team with abilities!

Major treachery and loss are the hallmark of this episode of the Enertia saga and all I can say without giving spoilers is that my heart was beating in my throat and I shed tears more than once.

This absolutly incredible book deserves and gets 5 stars.

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New Review! Encender (The Enertia Trials, #2) by J. Kowallis, 5 Cranky Stars

Encender (The Enertia Trials, #2)Encender by J. Kowallis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

**** 5 Cranky Stars ****

After Reggie, Nate and the team take Public One in North America down, the story moves to Public Two in South America.

We meet two more people with abilities. Ransly can manipulate fire and Royden is able to split himself. Roy is a good looking, all-round-nice guy while Ransly is an opinionated undisciplined, selfish woman. They live and meet in a streetfight in the underbelly of South America, on the doorstep of Public Two.

Betrayal results in Roy being taken by The Public and Ransly running off half cocked to "save" him. At this point, she is found by Reggie and Nate and they join forces (against Ransly's will). What follows is again an exciting and action-packed read with both a satisfying conclusion and an epic cliffhanger.

Kudos to the author for an amazing series, she is someone to keep tabs on, and again I award 5 stars for a truly entertaining read.

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New Review! Afterimage (The Enertia Trials, #1) by J. Kowallis, 5 Cranky Stars

Afterimage (The Enertia Trials, #1)Afterimage by J. Kowallis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

**** 5 Cranky Stars ****

In post apocalyptic America every city and town has been destroyed by the war. Only The Public flourishes, the brain child of megalomaniac Martin Lobb and his unsavoury sidekick Dr Dryer. Public citzens have been chemically altered to be docile and have a herd mentality.

Reggie is a precognitive and for the past 15 years has been shamelessly exploited by Dr. Dryer. She however forsees her rescue from this existance.

Nate is an ex marine who now lives with a group of nomads, existing on what they can gather from deserted towns they travel through.

Then Isaac arrives at their camp, an escapee from Public One and tells them of the "weapon" that allowed The Public to know things before they happened, Isaac begs the nomads to help him get his family out of Public one and to steal or destroy the "weapon".

The story is told from different POV but is so well done that it flows seamlesly, at no point was I confused. The cast consists of a wide range of age groups from the teenaged London to the 63 year old Ben Woodstock. This is war and there are devastating personal losses. Personal feelings and love find a place in this harsh world against all odds.

From page one I was hooked on this book and I binge read it. It is fast pased, the world building superb and I cant wait to get stuck into book 2.

5 full stars for this book almost feels insufficient, I wish I could award 10!

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Media Promo! Trying To Find Love by T.B. Cooper

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December 29 - January 2

Trying to Find Love: Poems & Reflections of the Love that Made Me
by T.B. Cooper

(99cents Promotion)

Poetry Memoir

82 Pages

Buy Links:
(FREE on KU) of course!

Back Cover:

This is my collection of "songs" that I
wrote, when music was in my heart.... Saying my early adult life was turbulent,
is a slight understatement. I had fun, I broke hearts, and I had mine broke
more than enough to compensate. Music Helped me. I'd always hoped to be a
fabulous songwriter, but as I evolved, I realized that path would've just led
me to more heartache. I grew up, and so did my way of dealing with my emotions.
Music, sadly, has left my heart. I no longer hear inspiration on the wind. Instead,
I now enjoy peace and quiet..... on a farm with a million kids and animals! But
I still remember where I came from, who I loved, and who loved me. It is to
honor their place in making me who I am, that I decided to share the
"song" and tell the story of how each "poem" came to be. I
hope you enjoy this very private peek into my heart.


I won’t make any outrageous claims to a troubled past
or anything that might excuse my behavior now, or then. I alone, know my
demons. I live today with a clear conscience knowing that every step of the
journey has been worth it. I do not hold grudges, nor do I apologize to those
who do. I regret nothing. I have fought for my happiness; friend and foe, and
worse.. myself.

I’ve been afraid of happiness. I’ve been afraid of
success. Failing was easy, but it was never an option. I am at peace with
myself, and I am LOVE incarnate. I’ve loved many, and many have loved me. With
the love, others have hated me. Let them battle their own demons.

In the following pages, I’ve collected the majority of
“songs” I’d written years ago. I say songs, only because at the time they came
into my head they came through on a melody. I had planned on becoming a
songwriter at one time in my life, but that was never my dream. So I never pursued
it. Instead, I decided a little while back that I still needed to publish them,
but as a reflection of what emotions and powers have shaped me. I added short
descriptions to these “poems” when I first started putting them all in one
place. This collection is about LOVE, and everything that goes with it.. the
searing passionate love, the torturous-I’d-rather-die-love, the despair of
never feeling it again-love. And everything in between. Some of the blurbs
attached to the poems I chose to keep the same, because they (when originally
written) showcased who I was at the time. How I felt, how I saw life. This is
after all, a deep look into my own personal journey. And if for no one else’s
understanding but mine, I chose to keep them as they were. Others, I either
re-wrote them to sound a little less offensive, or I added to them as an

I have changed the names of the people I discuss, and
some of them I discuss frequently because they were such an influence on my
life. I’ve divided this book into “Chapters” named after each of the men who’ve
accompanied me in love. Whether they ever felt the same, I do not know, nor do
I ever wish to know. Yet another reason to have changed their names.

In closing, yes, I’ve been in love many times. I’ve
loved freely, and I’ve never discriminated. I’ve had more than enough outward
confidence that I enjoyed sharing myself. And I am not ashamed. Men have
notches on their belts… I had notches on my bedposts. And I am not ashamed….
I’ve lived my way, according to my rules and my desires. I can only hope more
people can feel and say the same thing when they reflect on their pasts…

To those men that helped me find myself, I am
eternally grateful. I had to kiss a lot of frogs before I found my one true

Excerpt #1:
(My first love)

Prince Charming


upon a time

were the only one that I loved

were all I thought that I’d need

only one in my life

thought it would last

Charming came

make my dreams come true

I thought that he was you

how wrong could I be?

broke my heart, my soul, my dreams

put me down like I didn’t mean a thing

thought you loved me

I your everything?

said you were committed

doesn’t count if it’s not to me


“Shinning White Knights”

sweet to me

If I
could just find one right

of searching in vain

making mistakes

choosing another boy

“Life of Love” was all fake

broke my heart, my soul, my dreams

put me down like I didn’t mean a thing

thought you loved me

I your “everything”?

said you were committed

doesn’t count if it’s not to me

So at the time I wrote this, I was
pregnant with my daughter. I believe my first husband and I were separated but
trying to get back together. But I’m not sure this song was inspired by him. I
think I was upset because of him but I drew the emotions and inspiration from
my first love (Keith).

I think because of my fragile state of
being, plus having baby #2 with what was looking was going to be no father, I
think it all just made me think about those dreams I had had and what was
really going on with my life right now?

Keith was a big part of my life when I was
just turning into a woman. I gave up a lot of my happiness for his, and for him
to succeed in life. I just hope wherever he is, everything has worked out for
him. I wish him well.

Excerpt #2:
My Daddy

Daddy’s ‘lil girl


your baby girl

least that’s what you told me

I came into this world

you knew someday

grow up to spread my wings

my own eyes would have

see all of those things

you told me were wrong

that you knew best.

got your intuition

just kicked in too late

me to know what I was doing

cause you to hate

‘lil girl

said I betrayed you

you betrayed me

will never leave you”

least that’s what you told me

you’d be there forever

forever’s almost gone.

Daddy I’m still here

for the day when you realize

I’m my father’s daughter

I’ve got more than Daddy’s eyes

as stubborn as a bull

set in my ways.

missed my wedding day

made the choice to push

of give me away

missing your grandkids

boy and a girl

growing up fast

they’re my whole world

I once yours

was Daddy’s girl

I’m Daddy’s sad girl

Daddy’s sad ‘lil girl

Now, not really much of a song, per say…
I’ve over the years added, edited this song and what not… I’ve lost the
original (I think?). This is of course about my Daddy; a few days before I had
my first daughter. Last time he cared if I existed was July 23, 1996; before he
dropped me off at the hospital to have my half-black son saying he wasn’t the
father of a “Ni**er-loving whore.”

I was Daddy’s little girl. He even made a
charm for me once that

I was supposed to get when I turned
eighteen…. I’m almost

twenty-eight at this moment I’m typing…

Yeah, don’t see that happening.

Really not easy being rejected by a man.
Certainly not by your father who you feel is supposed to shelter and protect
you... No matter what. I could write more, but, there’s not much left to


This is my update.. I am 36 right now, my
dad has been gone for six years. Right before he died, my family (including my
kids) went to see him at his bedside. It was one of the single most painful
moments of my life.

I’d spent fourteen years, not seeing him,
not talking to him. Ten of those years I was mostly a single mom. A single mom
with three kids, living in the same town, at times-right down the street. I’d
gotten used to not having him in my life. I had to make my own way, and this
inevitably sent me into the arms of the next newest savior.

Then, right at the end, when his departure
from this world and my life for good was unavoidable, I had to lose him all
over again. We made peace with each other. He hugged my son. My son, who for
fourteen years could’ve learned so much from his grandpa, but he and his sisters
were denied because of a foolish man’s pride.

There was no man that had a greater
influence on my early adult life besides my Dad. Everything I did was dictated
by what was and wasn’t acceptable with him.

“Don’t date black people.”

I have two black kids.

“Blood is thicker than water, but if you
disgrace me, I disown you.”

So I left home at fifteen and at times,
only had my children for family in my life.

“Women should know their place, they
should be subservient to Man.” That was the toughest lesson to unlearn.

I’m grateful for everything,
good and bad my father taught me. I miss him terribly. I feel robbed.

T.B. Cooper
lives with her husband, four kids, a grand-baby, her mom, and her sister, on a
farm in the Nevada Desert. With farm chores, home-schooling and herds of
animals needing attention, it’s a miracle she finds anytime to write at all.
But writing has always been her passion. She’s written and construed stories,
her whole life. Now she’s jumping in with both feet into the world of social
media... publishing her thoughts on paper and her blogs, and is ready to open
the next chapter in an overwhelmingly enriched and precariously balanced life.

You can find out more by visiting her website to view her two
blogs 'A Precariously Balanced Life' and 'For all the Books I've Loved so
far...,' or to checkout her upcoming projects--including her new short story
series 'Tentaglian Empire:House of Tentagel.'

Contact Links:


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Media Promo! Rockin' Rhythm by Bella Jeanisse

Rockin' Rhythm Banner.png       



Warning: For those 18 and over only. May not be suitable for all readers.

Ash Taylor lives life without making deep connections with anything other than his brothers and his bass. His past has jaded him to love and makes him fear getting too close. Then Michelle walks into his life. Every night, she invades his dreams and stars in his fantasies. She makes him question himself and his ways. However, he is sure she could never date someone like him. So much so, that he convinces himself that she is married.

Michelle Reynolds has been jilted so badly, that she doesn’t want to date again. Her friend Beth tries to encourage her, but all of her relationships end badly or don’t last. She is sick of disappointment. When Ash comes into her life, she feels an immediate spark. He makes her feel special without effort. His big heart and deep voice mesmerize her. As soon as she finds out he is a rock star, her hopes are crushed. In her eyes, it could never work because musicians are not faithful, and she is not good enough for him.

Can these two polar opposites find a way to make a relationship work? Will all that dating a rock star entails break them or bring them closer? Find out in the first book of the Velocity series.


wtmo buy links.jpg

Barnes and Noble:
ISBN-13: 978-1537670997
ISBN-10: 1537670999



WTMO author bio.jpg



Bella Jeanisse lives for rock music. Addicted to concerts, Avenged Sevenfold, fictional rockers, and blasting music in the car, she can’t get enough. After her father turned her on to Queen, there was no going back. Of course, it didn’t stop there. Playing guitar became a pastime, which didn’t turn into a career… until she started to pen her fantasies and publish them.

Originally from Brooklyn, New York City, she grew up with access to clubs like L’Amour and CBGBs, hung out in Greenwich Village, as well as had plenty of friends in bands. No wonder rockers stayed on her mind. Bringing her ideas to life was a long time coming.

She is now living near Tampa, FL with 3 kids and 2 grandkids, as a single mom. Her family supports her writing even when it seems to take up more time than they feel is necessary. Can’t stop the muse, ya know!

Besides erotic rock star romances, Bella also writes about wild bikers, hot college men and more.

Rockin' Rhythm Teaser.png

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