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New Review! Perfect Plan (Mason Creek #14) by Cary Hart 4.5 Cranky Stars


Perfect Plan (Mason Creek Book 14)Perfect Plan by Cary Hart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Cranky Stars

Cowboy take me away!! Well that's what Joeys wants anyway. To find her someone like her sister Charleigh found hers in Grady. She had no plan of staying in Mason Creek but realized it felt like home and how could she leave her sister and her nieces behind. Only problem is that there are no places to rent in Mason Creek so in swoops Cole. The town's playboy with a goofy sense of humor. Cole has accepted his lot in life that he will always be single and help out his friends. When he extends the invite to Joey for her to stay in his guest room he doesn't know he's about to fall hard and fast. After failed date after failed date the truth comes to light and maybe just maybe Cole is the cowboy Joey has been looking for.

I know when I read a Cary Hart book i'm in for a good read. It blends that humor and aww shucks and some sexy times in one book. I really did like Cole. He's the perfect book boyfriend who loves The Vampire Diaries. Joey really should have caught on about her dates. Slimy Steve you are the worst. Once again another good book!!

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Friday, February 4, 2022

Blog Tour! Group Therapy by B B Easton


"A swoon inducing romance penned in the way only BB can—with the perfect amount of witty humor and spice. Loved it!"
—Kate Stewart, USA Today Bestselling Author

Group Therapy, a brand new steamy and laugh-out-loud rom-com from Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author BB Easton is now available!

From the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of 44 Chapters About 4 Men (inspiration for the 4th Most-Watched Netflix Original Series of all time, Sex/Life) comes a romantic comedy about an inexperienced psychologist who falls for one of her clients and creates a therapy group from hell as an excuse to see him after hours.

I am thiiiiis close to finally becoming a full-fledged psychologist. PhD? Check. Prestigious postdoc position, providing therapy to entitled millionaires and C-list celebrities whose pumpkin spice lattes cost more than my Converse and make excellent projectiles during their reality TV–worthy tantrums? Check. Letter of recommendation from my velociraptor-like supervisor?

That’s going to take a miracle. Not only because my boss said I have to cure our most-prized client’s writer’s block in time for him to meet his insane deadline, but also because that client just so happens to be …

Thomas F*@%ing O’Reardon.

Yeah, that Thomas O’Reardon. The wickedly brilliant, achingly beautiful, devastatingly British best-selling author whose psychological thrillers line my bookshelf at home and whose face I might or might not picture while I … you get the point. Sitting in a confined space with him; inhaling the crisp, clean scent of his cologne; gazing into his broody blue eyes while trying to remember to nod and listen and come up with suggestions that don’t involve taking our clothes off … it’s torture.

So, when Thomas casually asks me out at the end of a therapy session, I’m forced to make an impossible choice: say yes and risk losing my dream job, or say no and risk losing my dream guy. In a panic, I blurt out a third option—the only solution I can think of that will allow me to see this man after hours without it being considered a career-ending ethics violation:

Group therapy.

The only problem? I’ve never actually done group therapy. And side problem: my other clients are heathens. But what’s the worst that could happen? I mean, it’s not like I’m going to lose all control of the group and let it devolve into a chaotic, bloodthirsty, topless fight club.


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He wraps his warm, ocean-scented, oxford cloth shirt around my shoulders, and for some strange reason, my eyes begin to burn. I blink the stinging sensation away and focus on my breathing as my fingers instinctively curl around the open material and cinch it tighter around my body.
It feels like a hug.
A hug that I didn’t realize I’d needed so badly.
“Thanks,” I whisper, swallowing the emotion lodged in my throat.
Thomas folds his arms across his chest and shrugs, his shoulders already tense from the cold.
Say something!
“So, you weren’t freaked out by what happened in there?” I ask, tilting my head toward the building where the group therapy session from hell just occurred.
Please say no. Please say you’ll come back next week.
“Actually”—Thomas gives me a crooked smile—“it was kind of fun.” The corners of his mouth drop along with his gaze as it drifts slowly to the ground. “I wonder what it’s like to feel that free.”
“You only say that because you weren’t the one whose client had you in a headlock.”
He laughs silently, and it’s the perfect example of the self-control he wishes he could let go of.
“Maybe that’s why you write about psychopaths,” I add, missing the weight of his eyes on me. “So you can experience what it’s like to be that … uninhibited.”
A crease forms between his eyebrows. “Wrote,” he says, his eyes darkening as they travel to a place even farther away from me. “Past tense.”
With that, Thomas turns to open his car door, and I panic. I panic, and I do the dumbest thing I’ve done yet, which is saying a lot.
I reach out and grab his hand.
Thomas goes completely still.
I go completely still.
Even the wind, which had been swirling brittle orange leaves around our feet, goes completely still as the words, “Will write,” leave me on a shaky breath.
I try to let go of Thomas’s hand, but he laces his fingers through mine, holding me captive. Then, he turns and captures me with his eyes as well.
“Future tense,” I add, unable to look away from the restraint and madness I see warring in his eyes.
Thomas’s gaze drops to my lips, and when I run my tongue along the seam instead of screaming or slapping him or prying my fingers loose, he begins to lean forward. No. He is being pulled forward. By me. By my actions. By my confusing mixed signals. I invited this. And I have to stop it.
But I can’t. My brain is barking commands that my body is no longer listening to. I watch helplessly from inside my traitorous body as Thomas lifts his other hand, slides it beneath my curtain of hair, which is still tucked inside his shirt, and cups the side of my neck.
His thumb caresses the ridge of my jaw, and like the strike of a match, my neglected husk of a body goes up in flames. The heat engulfs me, spreading like a forest fire as it burns away the fingerprints of every man who’s ever touched me before. It ignites something deep inside of me—an inextinguishable need. An excruciating singular desire.
I close my eyes and lean into his touch. And I hate myself for it.
I can’t do this. I can’t kill my career. I can’t sabotage his treatment. But as I stand here, rooted to the spot, with Thomas’s fingers laced in mine and his hand splayed across my skin, I can’t even make myself exhale, let alone walk away.
Just as Thomas’s breath, warm and sweet, dances over my parted lips, as my body tenses and braces for the impact of this wrecking ball of a man, it is the voice of another man that breaks the spell.
“Dr. Sterling?”

About BB Easton

Wall Street Journal bestselling author BB Easton lives in the suburbs of Atlanta with her long-suffering husband, Ken, and two adorable children. She recently quit her job as a school psychologist to write books about her punk rock past and deviant sexual history full-time. Ken is suuuper excited about that.
BB’s debut memoir, 44 CHAPTERS ABOUT 4 MEN, is the inspiration for the #4 Most-Watched Netflix Original Series of all time, SEX/LIFE. Because she had so much fun writing it, BB went on to publish four more wickedly funny, shockingly steamy, and heartwarmingly honest books, one for each man in her memoir: SKIN, SPEED, STAR, and SUIT.
THE RAIN TRILOGY, an epic, immersive, end-of-the-world romance, is BB's first work of fiction. Or at least, that's what she thought when she wrote it in 2019. Then 2020 hit and all of her dystopian plot points started coming true. Hopefully, her feel-good romantic comedy GROUP THERAPY will fix everything.

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New Review! Break the Stone by Cassie Swindon 5 Cranky Stars


Break the Stone (Golden Chains #1)Break the Stone by Cassie Swindon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

This book was good. It kept me interested from beginning to end. Where it stopped at was perfect too. Now we just need to read the next book.

Raelyn and her father live on a farm and are just trying to live their life. One night Raelyn’s father tells her they are leaving now! No real explanation grabs what he knows he wants and tells Raelyn to come on and go. Raelyn, like any teenager would, questions her father and tries to convince him they can stay and they can come back because she doesn’t want to leave. Raelyn’s father tells her no, to get in the truck. Raelyn doesn’t understand and her father is reluctant to tell her the truth.

Raelyn’s mom was a journalist and according to her dad, she died while on assignment by car bomb, but Raelyn didn’t know that until now. Her father thinks that they are safe for now with new names, new town. What her dad didn’t expect is for Raelyn to make friends that would help her reveal the truth.

Kody is in the army and his kid sister goes to school with Raelyn. Raelyn first meets Cody at a warehouse while she is investigating trying to find out the truth about her mother. Basically from that point on they had feelings just didn’t show it and Kody became protective of Raelyn.

Eventually the feelings showed and during her investigation Raelyn learned more than she anticipated. She has a brother and her mother is alive. Her brothers “father” is a bad guy and tried to hurt EVERYONE to get what he wanted. You guessed it though, he died, and so did Raelyn’s dad. Now what? Well Raelyn is going to go find her mother. The army has someone keeping tabs on her but Raelyn needs to find her herself. On a plane and off they go. What happens next? I’m about to find out in the next book. This was a good book, kept me reading.

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New Review! The Fae Warrior's Princess (Between Dawn and Dusk #4) by Jamie Schlosser 4.5 Cranky Stars


The Fae Warrior's Princess (Between Dawn and Dusk, #4)The Fae Warrior's Princess by Jamie Schlosser
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Cranky Stars

I adore this series. This book seemed spicier than the others but I think that's due in large part to Dannis ability. She's an empath and she feels everything passionately while Torius is a warrior with a water ability. I was at first kind of transported to the Twilight debacle of imprinting and I'm not saying what part of the book links to that but it happened and I was like Jaime (bc you know I'm on a first name basis with the author ok I'm not) this is hinky but it panned out.

When these two finally come together it's intense and passionate. It's filled with adventure as they travel forbidden seas and parallel worlds to save the night kingdom.

I love this series I truly do. I hope there are more books we need to know about Zaylee and Ro. The adventures the new ones will go on and seriously the dragon. So much going on and it got me out my book funk.

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